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Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Review: Spectacular Success

Prince of Persia :The Lost Crown




The Good Stuff

  • Combat is fierce, quick, & impactful
  • Challenging platform feats
  • Memory Shards system is a game-changer
  • Many options to ease gameplay

The Bad Stuff

  • Story is forgettable
  • Some puzzles need perfect execution
  • Parry window is short

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Available: PS5, Xbox One/Series X, Switch, PC

Get ready for a Prince of Persia revolution! The Lost Crown is a game-changer, almost as epic as those first 3D leaps in Sands of Time. Buckle up, adventurers!


Hey there, fellow gamers! Prepare to dust off your parkour skills and sharpen your daggers, because we’re taking a deep dive into Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. Is this revival a glorious oasis in the parched desert of gaming franchises, or a mirage that crumbles into pixelated dust? Let’s crack it open and find out!



Rewinding to a Familiar Landscape

Stepping into The Lost Crown feels like reuniting with a treasured childhood friend. The vibrant tapestry of Persian architecture bursts with detail, transporting you to dusty marketplaces and forgotten tombs.

The soundtrack whispers echoes of epic battles and forgotten legends, stirring a warm nostalgia for past Prince of Persia adventures. While our new Prince lacks the roguish charm of his time-warping predecessor, his sass and determination grow on you, especially when paired with the enigmatic charm of Kaftar, our AI companion.


Where Acrobatic Art Meets Metanoid Maze

Platforming is where The Lost Crown truly shines. Traversal feels like a mesmerizing dance with gravity, weaving wall runs, air dashes, and gravity-defying leaps that’ll have you channeling your inner gazelle on caffeine. The levels are labyrinthine playgrounds, brimming with platforming challenges that seamlessly blend into combat arenas and mind-bending environmental puzzles.

The Metroidvania elements inject a layer of intrigue, rewarding your adventurous spirit with unlockable abilities and hidden secrets that beg to be unraveled. Just be prepared for moments where your controller might become a temporary frisbee – those crumbling platforms don’t forgive mistimed jumps!


Swordplay Symphony or Clumsy Clashes?

The combat, like a desert wind, delivers both warm breezes and biting sandstorms. Swordplay dances with a satisfying rhythm, with combos and counters that feel smooth as silk. But enemy variety can feel like a monotonous melody, and boss fights occasionally morph into repetitive refrains.

The real showstopper here is the time manipulation mechanic – a breath of fresh air in the action-adventure genre. Slow down projectiles, rewind to dodge attacks, and even freeze enemies mid-air, opening up tactical possibilities that keep combat feeling like a dynamic chess match. It’s not flawless, but it’s a unique twist that adds a surprising depth to every clash.


The Ultimate Puzzle Master

This is where The Lost Crown truly sets itself apart. Time manipulation isn’t just a flashy combat trick; it’s the warp and weft of the world itself. Solve puzzles by rewinding crumbling bridges to their former glory, platforms across frozen waterfalls, or even use time loops to create platforms where none existed before.

It’s innovative, it’s mind-bending, and it’s the element that truly makes The Lost Crown sing. Imagine the satisfaction of rewinding a misstep, or strategically freezing an enemy to create a path forward – it’s like a playground for your inner temporal architect.


Exploration Galore

The Lost Crown shines brightest in its Metroidvania exploration, especially with Memory Shards. This nifty trick lets you snap a picture of any unreachable area, marking it on your map for later. It’s like drawing your map, but digital and awesome! Finding Memory Shards in the world is a reward in itself, making exploration even more satisfying.

The Memory Shards system is just right, not too easy, not too hard. The same goes for most things in The Lost Crown. Finding save points is effortless thanks to glowing Wak-Wak trees, and you can choose hints for objectives without feeling spoon-fed. Maps? Buy them or discover them yourself – the choice is yours. Even combat difficulty bends to your will, with sliders for enemy toughness, agility, and more. Everything helps you have fun without sacrificing challenge.


Imperfections in Paradise

No oasis is perfect, and The Lost Crown has its fair share of sandstorms. Technical hiccups like performance drops and clipping issues can occasionally disrupt the flow. Some quest objectives can feel cryptic, like riddles whispered on the wind, leaving you wandering lost until the solution suddenly blooms.

But thankfully, these are mostly minor inconveniences, swallowed up by the sheer joy of movement and exploration. The 30-hour game may be vast, but the thrill of discovering a hidden passage or mastering a challenging platform outweighs the occasional tumbleweed rolling through your progress.



Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown might not be a flawless diamond, but it’s a damn good comeback. It captures the spirit of the franchise with its acrobatic thrills, engaging puzzles, and a refreshing new look at time-bending manipulation. Sure, the combat has its moments, and the technical hiccups can be frustrating, but the overall experience is pure platforming satisfaction.

If you’re a fan of Metroidvania or crave an innovative take on action-adventure, The Lost Crown is an oasis you won’t want to miss. Just remember, even the ‘Sands of Time’ shift, and while it might not completely eclipse the golden sands of its predecessors, it carves its path through the desert, leaving you breathless with wonder and the urge to jump, climb, dodge, and manipulate time. 

So, fellow adventurers, will you be scaling the perilous peaks, or delving through crypts and dungeons? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let’s keep the Sands of Time flowing with endless discussions about Prince of Persia! Remember, the thrill of a perfectly timed wall run never gets old, and the echoes of this new chapter will linger in your gaming memories long after you



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