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Top Genuine Laptops from Microsoft


For those who don’t know, we have laptops from Microsoft, that have been released. They range from laptops to tablets. All for you to explore. Right now, they are available at reduced prices, saving you money on your next purchase. Let’s explore and see what Microsoft has on offer with these three laptops, namely the Surface Book 2, Surface Laptop 2, and the Surface Pro 6 laptop.  



Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft Surface Book 2

13.5-inch HD+ (3000×2000) Touchscreen | Intel Core i5 | 8GB RAM | 128GB SSD | Intel HD Graphics 620 | Windows 10 Pro

Are you looking for a laptop with innovative features such as a detachable keyboard, much like a 2-in-1 laptop? Well, let me introduce to you Microsoft’s 2-in-1 Surface Book 2.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

13.5-inch HD touchscreen (2256 x 1504) | Intel Core i5 | 128GB SSD | 8GB RAM | Intel UHD graphics 620 | Windows 10 Home 

So, looking for something different? Maybe one that comes with a great collection of interesting colors? Well, feast your eyes on the second laptop here from Microsoft, the Surface Laptop 2.

Starting with a price tag that is less than US$1500, it comes with a 13-inch display, Intel Core i5 processor, 128GB of internal storage, 8GB system memory to help with system performance, and pre-installed with Windows 10 Home operating system.

The Surface Laptop 2 comes at a good price, placing it in the mid-range price level. The hardware specs are very much mid-range yet it performs well.  The top range is more expensive but you get a better processor, 1TB storage, and 16GB  system memory. Sadly, there’s no NVidia graphics card so it’s not ideal for hardcore gamers.

Overall, the Surface Laptop 2 is a must-have for those who are looking for a laptop purely for work use. If you are looking at this one here and want to find out more click here below to check out more info or to purchase. 



Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

12.3-inch HD+ (2736 x 1824) | Intel Core i5 | 128GB SSD | 8GB RAM | Intel HD Graphics 620 | Windows 10 Home 

Are you looking for another easy-to-carry 2-in-1 laptop, which is so much cheaper? Then check out the Surface Pro 6, another laptop from Microsoft.

Starting out at $800, you get a 12-inch touchscreen, with an Intel Core i5 processor, 128GB internal storage, 8GB of system memory to help manage multiple programs, and pre-installed with Windows 10 Home operating system.

It’s another 2-in-1 that is lightweight, ultra-slim, and guarantees long hours of battery life. It feels good to carry around and can fit in any laptop bag. Sadly, the touchscreen is a lot smaller than the other three, internal storage is less on this one but with the SSD hard drive Windows 10 loads up quicker.

Overall, this is a smaller more budget 2-in-1 that is cheaper, has some good hardware specs, and long battery life. If you’re looking for a budget 2-in-1 that has great system performance and don’t mind the smaller display, then click here below to get more info.



Closing Off

So here they are, three laptops from Microsoft. They are the best and affordable laptops. If you are looking for more powerful versions of these, then click the links provided. They may be pricey than the normal budget laptops of 2-in-1 out now, but they have good internal hardware specs, innovative features, and a 1-year warranty. 

So if you are curious about what Microsoft has to offer, then check out the website now and see what else they have to offer and the latest special prices they offer for their devices. 



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  1. David

    Great site! I am also into PC’s I have two desktops now both running Windows 10. Just like you, I am in WA and building niche type websites.

    You, however, have come out with two sites now that I have seen that are really nice. I saw your other site with all of the Samsung Products on it. That is a really nice site too.

    I think for you traffic would be the only real hurdle you would have to overcome? At least that was what you told me the last time we spoke about this stuff. If you have that handled you should be in great shape? Of course, sometimes you can get traffic but it’s not buyers traffic its window shoppers. They look around and they leave? They never buy anything? Have you ever wondered exactly why that is?

    It’s actually fairly common and its all about the keywords on our page. I will give you an example below,

    Think about how you go about buying a large product like a computer.

    Normally I would think that most people do some research on the product. That may bring them to your site, maybe not.
    Again, its all about the keywords you are using. But when they come they are just there to look around and see what’s out there. What types and models and memory size things like that.

    Yes, they may ask about price but just so they know when they are ready to buy. When they are ready to buy they will come to a website that has focused buyers keywords targeted.

    In other words, madyibilg, you have to think like the buyer. What would you be searching for if you were going to buy that computer?

    I would probably search for Windows 10 desktop computers with whatever I wanted it to come with. Because I would already know from doing my research.

    If you want to sell a particular model of a PC then use those as your keywords! When I was selling weightloss products back in 2012 and 2013 I used the exact product codes sometimes! If it was KL674 then that was what my keywords were and I was getting buyers

    Now, of course, I didn’t know that I was going to run into you today, madyibilg, because I have been busy myself. On the front page of both of my sites right now there is a new banner ad for a product that I have used for years.

    When I get my Social Security check next week I am getting the newest version. It’s called Long Tail Pro.
    If you go here you will see it right now for a $1 dollar trial for I think 7 days.

    Check it out it’s only a dollar

    I will talk to you at WA after I write you up a feedback message. Your site is fine buddy. I’m sorry but I have been having second thoughts about WA. I just don’t see things that I believe I should see and the things I do see I don’t think I should?

    Like them trying to get everyone to market WA for them? Let them market their own damn membership site! They have 1.4 million members. How many of those are paying $49 a month? Even if it’s only 200,000 out of the 1,400,000 that is still
    $9,800,000 nine million eight hundred thousand dollars a month! Are you kidding me? Market your own damn product you’re rich!

    Good luck buddy!

    1. LGMadyibi

      Thanks for your comment, David. It is much appreciated. Your points are valid and insightful. It is a tough market to compete but all niches are a competitive to market and research. I’m glad I’m doing this though, I have gained so many skills from joining the WA. No regrets! I’ll check out your website and see what is on offer.

      Best of Luck to you bud!



  2. Russ Green

    This is a very in-depth and informative post, I am looking to buy a new laptop actually, you see, I only have a Chromebook laptop at the moment, it is quite good but it is a bit basic, I did have a windows 10 dell laptop, but the hard drive packed up and it would have cost as much to repair as it would to buy a new PC, so I am pleased to have stumbled across your post here, you have given some very good recommendations for me to consider, thank you for sharing.  

    1. LGMadyibi

      Okay then. What next laptop are you looking to get? Do you want a budget laptop that does basic essentials, a mid-range such as Intel i3 or i5, or high-end such Intel i7? I encourage you to explore this website and see other models because there are other laptops for you to see and consider before making a decision. Thanks for this comment.

  3. Tracy

    Microsoft laptop surface 6 is my pick from this list. I love everything that was written about ir as a feature and the fact that it can work detachably as a tablet is cool to know of too. Microsoft is really coming bigger and these are just some of the features to see that they are bringing it out of the world right now. This is awesome and the pricing seems steep though but then, for the quality, it is worth it

    1. LGMadyibi

      It’s true that Microsoft notebooks are pricey and may need you to dig deep in your pockets,… but check the reviews and see that they have made a good set of notebooks. They are worth it as they have great features. 

      I’m glad you see the Surface Pro 6 as a good pick. It’s easily portable, switches well between laptop and tablet, and has some great specs that guarantee great system performance.    

  4. John

    Oh, this is a very wonderful post that you have done here. Honestly, I didn’t know that Microsoft had come up with laptops. I have seen the phones they have made over the years. I’m glad you can give some on the Budget laptops to get from the big company. The first on your list with the detachable keyboard looks like a must buy for me. Thanks a bunch for sharing this.

    1. LGMadyibi

      Much appreciated. Let me know what you think of it when you get it.  

  5. alexandra

    I have been trying to find a new computer for a while but I cannot seem to find one that would match my needs.
    From your reviews and the information you have provided about laptops from Microsoft I must say that I prefer the very first one. Finding a computer or laptop to fit your needs feels like being lost in the jungle with a spoon, almost impossible.

    Thank you though for providing some knowledge about these laptops at least now I can make a more informed decision about what laptop might work for me.

    1. LGMadyibi

      I know the complexities and confusion that us normal folk have to deal with when looking to find the next great laptop. That is why I made an effort to not only post this article because of my passion for technology but in helping common folk like you and me to find the best possible laptop that meets the needs of everyone, from college students to the elderly that are looking to make extra money upon retirement. Much appreciated and thank you for this comment. Keep exploring the site, and you’ll find some good information.  

  6. Chloe

    Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I have been following up with Microsoft for a while now and I must admit I’m impressed with these development and device they are coming uo with. Looking at these laptops, i am particularly interested in the graphics level of these laptops as there are people like myself who are freaks of good graphics computers. That aside, these are really wonderful stuffs.

    1. LGMadyibi

      The ones that are posted here are the cheapest in the range that have standard features. If you want to see ones with graphic or gaming capabilities, click on the links provided and explore. I guarantee that you will find Microsoft laptops with good graphics cards like NVidia but they are going to be pricey, worth it but pricey. 

  7. Don Barnes

    Awesome job, and great knowledge of these laptops. I personally am not experienced enough on computers to even know what I was looking for if I was in the market. Reading this I feel I have not only learned something, but now I know what to look for. Good research and well prepared even for the average person as my self. Good report, good information easy to understand. 


    1. LGMadyibi

      Good to know. Thank you. Keep exploring the site, bookmark it as I will make available more information for you to see, and if you are interested click on the links to see more and gain additional knowledge. Thank you for this comment. 

  8. BadDuck

    Ok interesting, I like how you put everything out there about all of the pads, or note books. I’m not computer literate, but you handled that like I was standing right beside you. I appreciate that it makes me feel like I just gained some knowledge on these laptops. Thank you.


  9. SailingAway

    Thanks for the review. I actually have the Microsoft Surface Book 2 and it’s a very nice computer. I like that I can take it anywhere and not have to worry about a whole computer, it’s just a tablet. And my kids can play with it in the car. And they love to play games on it too because it’s so fast and handles them so well.

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