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5 Powerful Alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

While the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra undeniably tempts with its powerful specs and cutting-edge features, it’s not the only bad boy in town. This flagship might be one of the best smartphones on the market, but before you commit to that hefty price tag, it’s a good idea to consider the broader landscape. Believe it or not, several alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can offer comparable and even superior performance in certain areas. This list explores five such options that might just be the perfect fit for your needs and budget.




OnePlus 12

alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra


While the OnePlus 12 isn’t technically a “flagship killer” like its sibling, the OnePlus 12R, it makes a strong case as a worthy contender against the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

OnePlus built its reputation on prioritizing raw power and omitting unnecessary features. This philosophy stands in stark contrast to the S24 Ultra, which emphasizes additional features alongside impressive specs.

The OnePlus 12 packs the same powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor as the S24 Ultra, but ups the ante by offering up to 512GB of storage and a whopping 16GB of RAM.

Additionally, it boasts a smooth 1440p display with a variable refresh rate from 1Hz to 120Hz, matching the S24 Ultra’s screen size. In terms of performance, they are neck-and-neck.

The OnePlus 12 even takes the lead in charging speed, boasting a blazing-fast 80 watt charger compared to the S24 Ultra’s. While the camera might not be as exceptional as the S24 Ultra’s, the significant price difference makes it a compelling alternative.

Ultimately, for users prioritizing raw power and large storage at a significantly lower price, the OnePlus 12 emerges as a powerful option, offering a hefty punch without the hefty price tag.



Google Pixel 8 Pro

alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra


While Samsung’s Galaxy line reigns supreme in terms of popularity, Google’s Pixel makes a strong case for itself, particularly for photography enthusiasts.

Previously considered the undisputed camera king, the Google Pixel 8 Pro comes in a close second to the S24 Ultra in camera comparison. However, the Pixel 8 Pro still boasts several compelling reasons to choose it over Samsung’s behemoth.

Firstly, the Pixel camera captures images with realistic colors, a contrast to Samsung’s tendency towards vibrant saturation. While wide-angle and telephoto lenses might fall short of the S24 Ultra, the Pixel 8 Pro remains a formidable camera phone.

Beyond photography, the Pixel 8 Pro holds its own. Matching the S24 Ultra in size and display specs (including the 120Hz refresh rate), it also boasts a powerful and fast Tensor G3 processor and similar AI features, considering Google pioneered them.

While battery life offers only one day’s use, the Pixel’s clean and lightweight Android interface makes up for it. Unlike the feature-laden One UI on the S24 Ultra, the Pixel offers a clutter-free experience ideal for purists.

The real clincher? Price. The Pixel 8 Pro starts at $999, a significant $300 less than the S24 Ultra.

Upgrading to 256GB storage still comes in under the S24 Ultra’s base price, making the Pixel 8 Pro a powerful and affordable alternative for those prioritizing realistic cameras, a clean interface, and a price tag that won’t break the bank.



Galaxy S24+

alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra


Enter the Galaxy S24+, a phone that could change your perspective entirely. We were ready to crown the S24 Ultra the king of Samsung smartphones after a stellar review. But then came the S24 Plus, offering one of the compelling alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Think of it as the S24 Ultra on a budget. You lose the S Pen and periscope zoom lens, but you gain a significant price slash ($300 to be exact). The trade-off? A slightly smaller screen and slightly less battery power (100mAh decrease from a generous 5,000mAh).

However, the core performance remains identical: the lightning-fast Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, a stunning 1440p AMOLED display with a smooth 1-120Hz refresh rate, and even the 45W charging speeds are all present.

Remarkably, the camera quality doesn’t suffer either, delivering fantastic results despite lower megapixel counts compared to the Ultra.

Ultimately, while the S24 Ultra offers additional features, the question arises: are those extras worth a $300 premium? The S24+ presents a strong case for itself as an exceptional value proposition, potentially changing the “best Samsung Galaxy S” title holder in our eyes.



Galaxy Z Fold 5

alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra


The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra undoubtedly pushes the boundaries of smartphone technology, boasting top-of-the-line specs, a phenomenal camera, and one of the best displays available. But there’s one phone that goes even further: the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

If you’re already considering a hefty investment exceeding $1,300 on a smartphone, why not truly go all-in on cutting-edge innovation?

While the Z Fold 5 might not be quite as powerful on paper, sporting the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip and an excellent camera, its true game-changer lies elsewhere: the foldable screen.

Unfold the Z Fold 5 to reveal a massive 7.6-inch inner display with a refresh rate matching the S24 Ultra, offering nearly double the screen width. When a tablet-sized screen isn’t practical, a convenient 6.2-inch outer display comes to your rescue.

Yes, the Z Fold 5 comes at a steeper price, starting at $1,799 compared to the S24 Ultra.

But if you’re already reaching for the top shelf and yearn for something truly unique, the Z Fold 5 allows you to embrace the future and “shoot for the stars” in the realm of smartphone technology.



Galaxy S23 Ultra


While shiny new gadgets can be tempting, it’s crucial to remember that “new” doesn’t always equate to “better.”

Take the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Yes, the newer S24 Ultra boasts slightly improved specs on paper, but the differences are minimal and primarily visible in the spec sheet.

The S23 Ultra remains a phenomenal phone, offering a similar feeling of weightiness, premium design, and a stunning display. Underneath its beautiful exterior lies impressive processing power, making it a true powerhouse.

Sure, the S24 Ultra introduces “Galaxy AI,” but let’s be honest, it’s not a deal-breaker. In fact, the S23 Ultra possesses a hidden advantage: a 10x periscope zoom lens compared to the S24 Ultra’s 5x.

While excessive zoom capabilities might not be essential for everyone, it embodies the “extra” spirit of the Ultra line.

So, if you’re looking to save some money and get a phone that’s practically identical in everyday use, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a fantastic choice.

You’ll enjoy a fantastic phone with incredible features, all at a more attractive price point. Remember, sometimes, the best things come in slightly older packages!




The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a technological marvel, but it doesn’t have to be your only option. As we’ve seen, the smartphone market offers many alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra catering that cater to your various needs and budget.

Whether you prioritize raw power at a competitive price (OnePlus 12), a camera that captures true-to-life colors (Pixel 8 Pro), a clean software experience (Pixel 8 Pro), or the futuristic allure of a foldable display (Galaxy Z Fold 5), there’s a perfect powerhouse waiting to be discovered.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is definitely a recommendation. It still packs a punch, comes with unique features to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and is slightly cheaper as well.   

So, step outside the realm of the “expected” and explore the exciting world of alternatives. You might just find your perfect match, minus the hefty price tag, and become a champion for venturing beyond the conventional.

Remember, the best phone isn’t always the most expensive one; it’s the one that seamlessly integrates into your life and empowers you to do more. 

Any comments you want to raise, you may leave them here below. Any questions you may have, leave them here also and we address them. So which one’s your pick? Are you going to upgrade to one of these or get the Galaxy S24 Ultra. See you next time. 😀



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