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Did You Get One of The Latest Huawei Smartphones?

Huawei has released a great number of smartphones over the years, and 2019 was another year of great releases of mobile phones. Although the company is facing challenges in the US, it still manages to create authentic mobile devices that are still selling massively worldwide. But if you’re still loyal to the Huawei brand, then here are my 8 picks of the latest Huawei smartphones, best rated in  2019.   

1. Huawei P30 Pro

Top-Rated Smartphone Overall

latest Huawei smartphones, the Crystal Huawei P30 Pro

6.47-inch HD OLED (1080×2340) | Kirin 980 Octa-core CPU | Mali G76 GPU | Android 9.0, EMUI 10 | Models: 128GB 6GB RAM; 128GB 8GB RAM; 256GB 8GB RAM; 512GB 8GB RAM | 4200 mAh battery | 192 g | Quad-camera: 40 MP (wide), 8 MP (telephoto), 20 MP (ultra-wide) | Selfie camera: 32 MP (wide)

Starting off with the latest Huawei smartphone, which gained top ratings overall, is the Huawei P30 Pro. This is why:

    • Bright and stunning curved OLED display
    • Great design and choice of colors
    • The camera features to take high-quality pictures
    • Powerful smartphone performance
    • Choice of either 128GB, 256GB or 512GB storage
    • Good battery life
    • Fast and wireless charging
    • IP68 rating on dust and water resistance

Front and Back View, latest Huawei smartphones, the Crystal Huawei P30 Pro

The P30 Pro has made a name for itself as the next top-rated smartphone that all other mobile device giants must reach. With the added quad camera, it has once again put Huawei on top of the ladder with great camera features for you to take stunning pictures.  

And it excels in many other spheres. The design, display, performance, gaming, and battery life, all make it worthy of the ‘Pro’ name. But with no headphone jack, no 4K video capturing, and no auto-focus on the selfie camera, they come as drawbacks but are easily ignored. 

If a premium smartphone is what you are looking for, then this one is one of the best top-of-the-range to buy. I recommend this one for your next purchase. Click the links below to find out more.

2. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Top-Rated Smartphone for Best Camera

Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Top-rated Smartphone for Best Camera

6.39-inch HD+ OLED (1440×3120) | Kirin 980 Octa-core CPU | Mali G76 GPU |  Android 9.0, EMU 9.1 | Models: 128GB 6GB RAM; 128GB 8GB RAM; 256GB 8GB RAM | 4200 mAh battery | 189 g | Triple camera: 40 MP (wide), 8 MP (telephoto), 20 MP (ultra-wide) | Selfie camera: 24 MP (wide)

The next top-rated smartphone is the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It’s not one of the latest Huawei smartphones but it has some great features. Let’s see why: 

    • Stunning curved HD+ OLED display
    • Stylish design and a great choice of colors
    • Highly favored for advanced camera features
    • Great for taking high-quality pictures
    • Good performance
    • Good battery life

Back view of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, latest Huawei smartphones


The Mate 20 Pro is known to be a smartphone with advanced camera features, so if you’re a professional photographer, and end up forgetting your camera, then having this smartphone is a great idea. I like the quality of the display as it’s better than full HD, and it’s huge too.

The hardware spec is there to give it that much-needed performance, making browsing the internet, managing multiple apps, and casual gaming a breeze. 

If listening to music’s your thing outdoors, then you’ll be disappointed here. There’s no headphone jack, and the stereo speakers are awkwardly placed. But its drawbacks are easily ignored because the pros outweigh the cons.

If taking pictures is your thing, or you’re a photographer looking for a great camera phone, then I recommend this top-notch phone as a next purchase. Click here below to find out more and get one.


3. Huawei P20 Pro

2018’s Top-Rated Smartphone

Huawei P20 Pro. 2018's top rated, latest Huawei smartphones

6.1-inch HD OLED (1080×2240) | Kirin 970 Octa-core 970 CPU | Mali G72 GPU | Android 8.1, EMU 9.1 | Models: 64GB 6GB RAM; 128GB 6GB RAM; 128GB 8GB RAM; 256GB 6GB RAM; 256GB 8GB RAM | 4000 mAh battery | 180 g | Triple camera: 40 MP (wide), 8 MP (telephoto), 20 MP (ultra-wide) | Selfie camera: 24 MP (wide)    

The next top-rated smartphone is the Huawei P20 Pro. Here’s why this phone’s so great:

    • Looks great with interesting colors
    • Good performance
    • Great battery life
    • A choice between the 6GB or 8GB system memory
    • Storage choices up to 256GB
    • Takes great night pictures
    • Nice zoom features
    • Include face unlock technology

Front and back view of the Huawei P20 Pro, latest Huawei smartphones

Back when it was released it was competing with the likes of the top-rated smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 series and iPhone X series. Now it’s becoming one of the older models of 2019, but it hasn’t died yet.

Looking at the specs, the 2018 top-rated smartphone was great at its time with great performance, great battery life with fast charging, great camera features, and its unique face unlock tech. Best of all, it’s selling at a cheaper price. Again, it’s not the latest Huawei smartphone.

Sadly, it doesn’t have wireless charging, no headphone jack, and no expandable storage micro SD slot. Yet it’s one of the best 2018 smartphones and a good buy if the P30 Pro is not in your budget.

If you looking for a smartphone, that’s a year old, yet still performs well and takes great pictures, then consider the P20 Pro as your next purchase. Click here below.   

4. Honor View 20 (V20)

One of the top-Rated smartphones for Gaming

Front View, Honor View 20 (V20), Top-rated for Gaming, latest Huawei smartphones Back View, Honor View 20 (V20), Top-rated for Gaming, latest Huawei smartphones

6.4-inch HD IPS LCD (1080×2310) | Kirin 980 Octa-core 980 CPU | Mali G76 GPU | Android 9.0, Magic UI 2 | Models: 128GB, 6GB RAM; 128GB, 8GB RAM; 256GB 8GB RAM | 4000mAh battery | 180g | Dual camera: 48MP (wide) | Selfie camera: 25MP

Next, we have the Honor View 20 or V20. Here’s why this is another one of the top-rated smartphones:

    • Great value for money
    • Good battery life and fast charging options
    • Great system performance 
    • Unique design and finish
    • Choice of internal storage starts from 128GB all the way to 256GB
    • Choice of system memory starts from 6GB up to 8GB 
    • Able to play HDR videos
    • Good quality full HD display
    • Great for casual gaming 
    • Comes with a headphone slot

Back View of the Red Honor View 20 (V20), latest Huawei smartphones

The Honor V20 is another great smartphone with great performance, wicked display, a unique design at the back with a dual-camera lens, a great budget alternative for casual gaming, and great battery life.

This was one of the first phones to be powered by the Kirin processor and it also powers most of the Huawei phones today since its release in late 2018.

I like the little selfie camera stuck near the corner of the screen, and also the unique wavy design at the back. It just makes it look so interesting and innovative.

The drawbacks to note are that it’s not water-resistant (so no water testing), the fingerprint scanner is at the back not on-screen, and it has no wireless charging. But it’s one of the best gaming phones and excels in other aspects such as camera and overall performance.

If this one is your pick, check out the links below if you want to see more, and to purchase it. It’s one of the best you can go for.  

5. Honor 8x

One Budget Top-Rated Smartphone

front view Honor 8x. Top-rated Budget Phone, latest Huawei smartphones back view Honor 8x. Top-rated Budget Phone, latest Huawei smartphones

6.5-inch HD IPS LCD (1080×2340) | Kirin 710 Octa-core CPU | Mali G51 GPU | Android 8.1, EMU 9.0 | Models: 64GB 4GB RAM; 64GB 6GB RAM; 128GB 4GB RAM; 128GB 6GB RAM | 3750mAh battery | 180g | Triple camera: 20MP (wide), 2MP | Selfie camera: 16MP (wide)    

The Honor 8X is another great smartphone and has been top-rated for the following reasons: 

    • Great budget alternative
    • Premium design features
    • Comes with a large decent full HD screen
    • Decent battery life
    • Decent system performance 
    • Takes great pictures

back view laying Honor 8x, latest Huawei smartphones

I really like the design of this phone. The glass finish gives it that shiny glossy look along with the trendy colors available. This phone has a great hardware spec too, lower their premium yet still performs well.

All this is available for a fraction of the price and yet it looks like a premium phone. Even though it has no fast charging and no 4K video recording, it makes up for it because of the price, and most of its pros.

I don’t think that will be a major problem because, with all you are getting with this phone, it’s a good budget alternative. Limited premium features but a better budget alternative. Click below to see more.


6. Huawei Nova 5T

Top-Rated Smartphone for Best Value

Front and back Huawei Nova 5T. Top-rated for Best Value, latest Huawei smartphones

6.26-inch HD IPS LCD (1080×2340) | Kirin 980 Octa-core CPU | Mali G72 GPU | Android 9.0, EMUI 10 | Models: 128GB 6GB RAM; 128GB 8GB RAM |  3750mAh battery | 174g | Quad-camera: 48MP (wide), 16MP (ultra-wide), 2MP (wide) | Selfie camera: 32MP (wide) 

Lastly, the latest Huawei smartphone released in 2019 is the Huawei Nova 5T. It is rated as one of the best smartphones for the best value for money. Do you want to know more? Let’s see why it’s so great:

    • Great quad-camera features
    • Takes similar quality images as the P30 Pro
    • Large 6.26-inch screen
    • Decent battery
    • 2 models to choose from: 6GB or 8GB system memory
    • Available from budget to mid-range price range  

side view honor 5T, latest Huawei smartphones

The Nova 5T is much like the Honor 8x: good looks and design, high-end features like other top-range smartphones, and good performance, all coming at a mid-range price tag.  

I like that it has the same camera specs as the P30 Pro. It really makes me consider getting a cheaper alternative to it as it’s quite expensive. I say it’s a better option if you can’t afford a better phone.

The screen is big but it’s not all that great. The large 6.2-inch screen comes with a full HD display, not bad but no fancy features here. There’s no wireless charger either, but the battery charges fast with 50% in less than 30 minutes.

Other things note no expandable micro SD slot for extra storage but 128GB is not bad, no headphone jack, and no water resistance. 

A smartphone is a great option as a mid-range alternative. It performs well and comes at a good price. Just don’t test it underwater. Click here to see more below.     

Final Word

These are 8 of the best top-rated smartphones of 2019. I have to admit most of them are not all the latest Huawei smartphone models but they still do the job pretty well.   If you’re looking for a smartphone and love the Huawei brand, I suggest picking up these. 

They each have solid performance thanks to the hardware spec, they have good looks, a nice choice of colors and design, and have incredible features. 

The one to go for? I choose the Huawei P30 Pro. I feel that it’s the best overall and is the top-rated smartphone from Huawei.

So which is your top-rated smartphone? Do you own one of these already? What’s the experience? Leave a comment below. Thanks for reading the post. Stay safe.   


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