As more PC games are released, it is important to read the minimum or maximum specifications before purchasing it. It is a good idea because you don’t want to buy a PC game, get home, install it into your gaming laptop or PC, and find out it doesn’t work because it doesn’t meet your hardware requirements.

There are some other factors to consider even if it does meets your hardware requirements, and it is important you know so that you can be aware and act accordingly, should there be anything wrong or discover errors. Here are some tips and tactics to look out for and to make your overall gaming experience on laptops better.

Purchase Less Demanding Games

Purchase games that are over the stated minimum hardware specifications compared to your existing gaming laptop hardware – Meaning that if the minimum specs say “processor – Intel i3 or better” and you have an Intel i7 laptop, then the PC game meets your laptop hardware or that the PC game will work in your laptop.

Purchasing games with fewer specs will run smoother on your laptop and will be less intensive to your laptop’s processor and graphics card.

Turn Down the Screen Resolution

For the best gaming performance, especially high hardware demanding games, it is recommended to turn down the screen resolution. This will enhance your gaming experience by increasing the frames per second.

Another tip is to go to the in-game menu, look for the display or graphics settings and tone down the graphics settings to lower detail such as shadow and water effects, turn off the anti-aliasing.

Keep the Laptop in Top Condition

As more software and games are installed the laptop or PC starts to underperform, making it slow. You can either do a Disk clean-up that comes with Windows 10 or use a free third party software such as CCleaner.

Also, make sure that you close all software or applications running on your windows system. Also go to “Task Manager” by pressing “Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and check to see which applications are using the most CPU, memory and disk space.

Make sure that drivers for your laptop are up to date, especially the graphics card’s drivers.

Gaming Accessories

Invest in purchasing a PC gamepad or use your existing console controller instead of your keyboard and mouse. It is another way to increase your gaming experience as most games work best with a controller.

The Xbox One gamepad is recommended for Windows, although the PlayStation controller can work just well, you would need to find a third party software for it to work.

Battery Power

Playing games on the laptop take much of the laptop’s battery power significantly.

To extend your gaming experience: you can lower the screen brightness from your monitor as much as you can but not to ruin your gaming experience; you can set the power plan options of your laptop to “balanced” (Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options); Keep your laptop plugged in with the laptop’s battery charger.

These tips will help you make gaming on your laptop better. Do you have any other helpful hints and suggestions? If you have any other tips, please leave your comments below.

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