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Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Review: Best or Worst?

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth




The Good Stuff

  • New characters join the clan
  • Improved RPG system
  • Tons of side activities
  • Impressive & detailed Hawaii environment

The Bad Stuff

  • Story not that great

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

This isn’t just the best turn-based Yakuza, it’s a series masterpiece, packed to the brim with brawling bliss.



Strap on your flip-flops, Yakuza fans, because this next Yakuza-inspired video game, Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, takes Kiryu and co. on a tropical vacation with more chaos than a tiki-themed mosh pit. Forget karaoke bars and pocket circuit racing – this Hawaiian heist throws you headfirst into a sprawling criminal saga that spans continents and punches. But does paradise deliver, or is it just a sunburned disappointment?




Yakuza goes tropical: After the RPG twist of Like a Dragon, Infinite Wealth dials in a smoother, more tactical turn-based combat that feels like a satisfying evolution. It’s still rough and tumble, but with strategic depth and flashy proximity attacks, it’s like a chess match with brass knuckles.

Old friends, new digs: Ichiban’s back, still the sunny pup he was, joined by a reflective Kiryu facing his mortality. Their Hawaiian adventure is a wild ride, tackling everything from environmental woes to online conspiracies, all wrapped in a compelling mystery with fewer knots than usual.

Characters to savor: The supporting crew shines, from local charmers like Eric and Chitose to scene-stealing villains like Trejo’s machete-wielding Dwight.

The writing is top-notch, from dramatic moments to lowbrow humor, and the idle banter between them is pure gold, whether it’s praising Sega’s Game Gear or debating soy sauce.

Aloha, paradise: Hawaii isn’t just a backdrop, it’s a vibrant, explorable playground. You can cruise the beaches, hit the malls, grab shave ice, and greet everyone with a friendly “Aloha.”

It’s a refreshing change from the usual war games and racing titles, and this fictional Honolulu is surprisingly vast, easily fitting nine Kamurochos inside its sandy shores and shiny malls.

More than just Waikiki: Don’t get too comfy in paradise, because Kiryu heads back to Japan for a few chapters. You’ll revisit Yokohama and Kamurocho, complete with their own substories and side activities.

For series veterans, it’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane, offering Kiryu a chance to reflect and make amends. Newcomers might not get as much out of it, but the experience points are worth the detour.

Infinite Wealth is Like a Dragon at its best: It’s a hilarious, heartfelt journey with a satisfyingly polished combat system and a stunning new Hawaiian setting. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a curious newcomer, this tropical brawl is a must-play.


Gameplay Features

Gone to Hawaii, but the weirdness still stays. Despite swapping Japan for sunshine, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is knee-deep in hilariously off-the-wall enemies, from Hungry Hungry Homeless to Imp Patient. Think a grown-up Garbage Pail Kids brawl, but with way more strategic punch.

This time, the turn-based combat explodes with life. You can reposition your four-person squad before each round, flanking foes for bonus damage or grabbing objects like bikes and barrels to create party-wide mayhem.

Unlike the automatic weapon pick-ups in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, here you choose your tools of destruction, from explosive gas cans to rocket launchers.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

As your party bonds deepen, you unlock spectacular team moves. Imagine knocking an enemy into your teammate’s volleyball spike or launching them into a curbside jump-kick, like a human pinball gone rogue.

These XCOM-inspired chain reactions add another layer of tactical depth, rivaling the team combos in Marvel’s Midnight Suns and Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope.

Kiryu, the series mainstay, throws it back to the old-school street fighting with three distinct stances: balanced Brawler, rapid-fire Rush, and grapple-heavy Beast. He even gets his trademark Heat gauge, letting you unleash real-time button combos for a satisfying dose of classic Yakuza action.

But even without Kiryu, the combat is a far cry from Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s polite turn-taking. Infinite Wealth throws out a riotous level of chaos, with each fight arena demanding fresh strategies.

From wielding flaming logs in a forest inferno to battling in a poison gas room, the stakes are constantly shifting, keeping you on your toes. One fight even lets you knock enemies into a hungry shark’s mouth for a truly unforgettable encounter.

Sure, there are some repetitive street brawls, but the vast majority of Infinite Wealth’s story missions are gripping and unforgettable.

This Hawaiian vacation is a vibrant blend of classic Yakuza brawling, tactical turn-based depth, and hilariously twisted enemies, making it a must-play for fans and newcomers alike.


Yakuza Roles System

Yakuza’s signature job system returns! Switch up your squad’s skills and unleash chaos. I rocked Idol for support, but the new jobs are even cooler. Kasuga surfs enemies as an Aquanaut, Adachi slashes as a Samurai, and newcomer Tomizawa blasts baddies as a Desperado.

It’s like a cosplay brawl gone wild!

Special attacks are insanely fun. Imagine Kiryu channeling Bruce Lee in a Game of Death jumpsuit, smacking enemies using nun-chucks to oblivion. Each job unlocks dazzling skills as you level up, like tossing a frisbee that unleashes a pack of puppy-maulers to devour foes.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

No more grinding! Unlike the frustrating difficulty spikes of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Infinite Wealth keeps the challenge balanced. The final chapter throws punches, but bosses are fair, and you’re always prepped with recommended levels for each fight.

Oddly, there’s no difficulty setting for your first playthrough. You have to beat the story to unlock harder modes, which seems strange.

It’s like asking you to climb Everest twice, one step at a time, before you can use a jetpack. No easy mode either, so if you struggle, you’re stuck grinding in repetitive dungeons. This lack of accessibility feels outdated.

Overall, Infinite Wealth’s job system and balanced combat are a blast. The flashy skills and hilarious job outfits make every fight a riot. Just wish there were difficulty options for everyone, not just New Game+ masochists.


Side Paradise Activities

Kawaii Hawaii isn’t just scenery in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – it’s a playground overflowing with side activities.

  • Pocket Monster Mania: Remember Sujimon from Yakuza: Like a Dragon? It’s back and bigger! Catch quirky characters, raid, train, and battle in epic stadium clashes.
  • Crazy Taxi meets DoorDash: Super Crazy Delivery is an arcade speed challenge where you’re a delivery driver on overdrive. Buckle up for a time-attack adrenaline rush!
  • Flashing Speedo Fun: Sicko Mode turns you into a paparazzi extraordinaire, hunting Speedo-clad muscle dudes on a trolley tour (don’t worry, no schools are nearby!).

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

But that’s just the tip of the Hawaiian pineapple!

  • Animal Double-Crossing Island: Build your dream resort on Dondoko Island. Craft furniture, fish, catch bugs, and fend off pirates. No Tom Nook here, just chill beach vibes and crafting mania.
  • Stunner Stunts and Quiz Shows: Become an action movie hero, dodge explosions and traffic like Frogger on fire! Or test your local knowledge on a quirky TV escape room show.

The best part? You level up and unlock goodies everywhere you go. Whether it’s pummeling foes or brewing beer with your buddies (unleashing new combo attacks!), you’re constantly rewarded.

Infinite Wealth feels like a giant treasure chest – you’ll never run out of surprises.

  • Anthropomorphic cigarette boss fights? Why not! This game embraces the weird, and you’ll find fun around every corner.
  • Smart design polishes the experience: Fast travel from anywhere, peek at store inventories remotely, and skip trivial fights with a tap. This game wants you to enjoy the good stuff.

Infinite Wealth might not have an infinite wealth of ideas, but it’s definitely overflowing with the good stuff. Get ready to punch, explore, and laugh your way through paradise!



Forget the grinding, embrace the glamour! Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s revamped combat oozes flash and flexibility, making every turn a thrill. The Hawaiian playground explodes with endless activities, keeping you hooked longer than a barracuda on a fresh lure.

A gripping story that hops across continents and a vibrant cast of new jobs make every fight feel fresh, even after 50 hours. This isn’t just the best turn-based Yakuza, it’s a series masterpiece, packed to the brim with brawling bliss.

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