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PS4 Game of the Year 2023: A Battle Royale of Epic Proportions

Ah, the elusive ‘Game of the Year’ title. It’s a crown coveted by developers, a banner waved by publishers, and a hotly debated topic among gamers like myself. In the realm of the mighty PlayStation 4, 2023 has unleashed a cavalcade of contenders, each vying for the ultimate throne. But fear not, loyal PlayStation warriors, I am here to dissect, analyze, and ultimately pronounce your champion! So let’s see which of these PlayStation 4 games made it to ‘PS4 Game of the Year’ in 2023. 

And The Contenders Enter the Arena… As with any good brawl, we need to introduce our fighters. This year’s PS4 Game of the Year contenders come from far and wide, each boasting their unique blend of digital magic.



Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

  • Strengths: Brutal mech combat, FromSoftware pedigree, customization galore. 
  • Weaknesses: Steep learning curve, niche genre appeal, technical glitches reported.

From the ashes of mech-less years rises a legendary franchise. This fast-paced, customizable giant robot brawl brings back the beloved series with a vengeance. It will excite you because of its top-notch and brutal mech combat, and the ability to customize your mech with weapons and other cool accessories.

Be mindful that it does come with some bugs or glitches, and it may take a while for you to learn, but once you get the hang of the game, you won’t regret it. Expect blistering laser battles, brutal boss fights, and enough explosions to light up the holiday season. 



Lies of P

  • Strengths: Unique atmosphere, challenging combat, intriguing story.
  • Weaknesses:  Potential performance issues, difficulty that might alienate some players, and inspiration from familiar sources.

Pinocchio gets a grimdark Gothic makeover in this Souls-like adventure. With its unique atmosphere, challenging but engaging combat, and impressive storyline, it will keep you on your toes with excitement.

Though it’s a fun game it poses a challenge and may end up alienating a few players, and there are reports of performance issues that can be fixed with a quick game update. Overall, it’s one of 2023’s best PS4 games. Prepare for grotesque beauty, heart-pounding exploration, and the existential crisis of questioning your humanity.



Resident Evil 4 Remake

  • Strengths:  Stunning visuals, faithful yet improved gameplay, iconic protagonist.
  • Weaknesses:  Familiarity for veterans, reliance on jump scares, potential repetition.

The horror king returns in a stunning remake, blending nostalgia with terrifying chills, and modernized gameplay. Will this old dog learn new tricks and reignite the flames of fear?



Hogwarts Legacy

  • Strengths: Open-world Hogwarts sandbox, fulfilling fantasy, endless customization.
  • Weaknesses:  Unproven track record of developer, potential technical hiccups, concerns about story execution.

Wizards, wands, and the ultimate wish fulfillment fantasy. The ultimate Hogwarts game that does not star the fan favorite Harry Potter, but you can create an original character and start your adventure into sorcery and wizardry. Can this open-world Hogwarts adventure conjure up enough magic to bewitch the judges?



The Verdict

Each contender brings a powerful punch, but choosing the champion is no easy feat. Do you favor the brutal ballet of giant robots in Armored Core or the grotesque allure of Lies of P’s twisted Pinocchio tale?

Perhaps nostalgia whispers the name of Resident Evil 4, while Hogwarts Legacy beckons with the alluring promise of living the ultimate wizarding dream.

Ultimately, the “Game of the Year” crown is subjective, as personal preferences and genre leans will surely influence your choice. However, if I were to cast my own vote, it would go to… Well. You decide. 

No matter who you crown champion, the PS4’s 2023 lineup proves that the console still packs a punch. So grab your controller, dive into these digital worlds, and let the games begin!

Just remember, whether you’re a mech pilot, a gothic puppet, a haunted cop, or a fledgling wizard, the most important award is the one you award yourself: the joy of experiencing a gaming masterpiece.


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