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Super Mario Bros Wonder Review: A Wondrous Classic Remix

Super Mario Bros. Wonder




The Good Stuff

  • New & innovative gameplay
  • New flower powers to discover
  • Up to 4 players in multiplayer mode

The Bad Stuff

  • Short game


Super Mario Bros Wonder

Super Mario Bros Wonder

Whether you’re a die-hard Mario fan or a casual gamer looking for a fun and wholesome adventure, Super Mario Bros Wonder is a must-play.


Ah, Super Mario Bros. A name synonymous with platforming perfection, side-scrolling adventures, and pure childhood joy. But even the most seasoned plumber needs a vacation, right? Well, in Super Mario Bros Wonder, our mustachioed hero embarks on a truly wondrous getaway, twisting familiar elements into a fresh and delightful experience that’s as timeless as ever.



Super Mario Bros Wonder – Overview

Super Mario Bros Wonder isn’t just another romp through the Mushroom Kingdom. It’s a delightful trip through a world where flora takes center stage, thanks to the mysterious Wonder Flowers.

These vibrant blooms burst with magic, transforming levels in unexpected ways, stretching platforms, twisting gravity, and even turning Mario into a ghost-like Boo. It’s this playful twist on a classic formula that makes Wonder feel both familiar and utterly new.

Wonder’s visuals explode right out of the screen. Its vibrant palette, with those juicy blues, reds, greens, and yellows, is pure eye candy. But it’s when things move that it truly shines. Imagine the dream sequel to Super Mario World, if it were made in 2023 with all the bells and whistles – that’s Wonder in action.

Super Mario Bros Wonder

Forget static sprites, Wonder’s animations are a symphony of motion that breathes life into the Flower Kingdom. Mario isn’t just a red blur anymore; he reaches back for his hat with a flourish when dashing into pipes, conveying a sense of urgency and momentum.

Even the enemies get their own comedic moments, like Goombas dozing off with snot bubbles forming in their nostrils.

But the true star of the show is Elephant Mario. Imagine this: a colossal, round pachyderm trying to squeeze through a narrow warp pipe, then clumsily contorting himself into a tiny ball to fit under a low ceiling.

The sheer absurdity is hilarious, and it’s these little details that truly bring Mario’s first trip to the Flower Kingdom alive.

These animations aren’t just eye candy; they add a layer of personality and humor to the game, making you feel like you’re truly inhabiting Mario’s world. Every jump, stomp, and enemy reaction is imbued with a sense of life and charm, making Wonder a joy to experience from beginning to end.

So next time you play Wonder, take a moment to appreciate the little things. Watch how Mario’s cape flutters in the wind, or how the Koopa Troopas waddle with a sense of exaggerated swagger.

It’s these subtle touches that make Wonder’s animations truly special, elevating the game from a simple platformer to a delightful and immersive experience.


Leaping Through Wondrous Worlds

Super Mario Bros Wonder

Wonder Seeds are like Mario’s magic mushrooms, but way more fun! Hidden in every level, they unleash crazy transformations that make the game feel like a never-ending surprise party. 

One minute you’re Mario, the next you’re a spiky ball rolling through enemies, or everyone’s turned into stretchy ink monsters! 

The camera even flips upside down sometimes, and there might even be a dance party. Seriously, you never know what’s next! These Wonders are the real stars of the show, making every level a playground of unexpected delights. 

If I missed one, I just had to go back and find it. In short, Wonder Seeds are the reason why this game rocks!

Wonder’s enemies are like a wacky costume party for your Mario! You’ll face old friends like Lakitus chilling on clouds, and then BAM, you’re riding a charging plant monster or dodging a giant mouth with teeth! The best part? Unraveling those tall Mumsies piece by piece, it’s never not satisfying. 

This menagerie of enemies is so fresh and fun, I hope we get to visit the Flower Kingdom again just to meet them all. Seriously, Nintendo, give these guys their own spin-off game!

Super Mario Bros Wonder


New Features

Forget predictable platforming. In Wonder, levels are living, breathing landscapes that morph and shift as you explore. One moment you’re scaling towering vines in a lush jungle, the next you’re shrinking down to navigate a miniature world hidden within a flower bud.

The surprises never end, and the Wonder Flowers are the ingenious conductors of this playful symphony.

Remember the classic Fire Flower? Now imagine turning Mario into a huge elephant-like Mario, flinging him across chasms and bouncing through levels like a joyous blob of red rubber.

Or how about becoming Boo Mario, phasing through walls and enemies to reach hidden secrets? Each Wonder Flower power-up adds a layer of strategic thinking and creative platforming, making every level a playground of possibilities.

And let’s not forget the secrets. Wonder is brimming with them, tucked away in corners revealed by the shift of a platform or the gentle nudge of a Wonder Flower. Finding them is a constant delight, rewarding your exploration with extra lives, bonus coins, and even the occasional wink to classic Mario games.


A Joyful Journey, Old-School Playstyle

Wonder throws a curveball at the classic 2D Mario formula with Badges, a collection of over 20 unlockable perks that let you tailor your playstyle. Double jump on command with Boosting Spin Jump, grapple your way through levels with the Grappling Vine, or cheat death with Safety Bounce. 

Sensor helps you sniff out secrets and Wonder Flowers, the game’s lifeblood. These Badges add a welcome layer of control, letting you tackle stages your way and replaying for different experiences. 

You can snag some Badges in shops, while others await in dedicated Badge Challenge stages. But buying Badges with purple coins felt a bit flat compared to the fun challenges – I wish they all had their own mini-adventures attached!


Multiplayer Mayhem

Wonder lets you get your multiplayer fix with both old-school couch co-op and surprisingly slick online races! It might not be your next esports obsession, but it’s a blast to compete with friends on most levels. 

And here’s the best part: Nintendo finally gets that multiplayer should be built-in, not bolted-on. Things like Standees (respawn points for your buddies) and ghost pals (who politely stay out of your way) show they’re serious about making multiplayer a seamless part of the fun. 

Super Mario Bros Wonder

While Wonder’s innovation is undeniable, it never forgets its roots. The core gameplay remains tight and responsive, with Mario’s iconic jump and stomp feeling as satisfying as ever. New additions like cooperative play and online leaderboards add a touch of modern flair without sacrificing the classic charm.

The soundtrack deserves a standing ovation. Remixed versions of classic Mario themes intertwine with catchy new tunes, creating a sonic tapestry that’s both nostalgic and fresh.

And the visuals? Oh, the visuals! Wonder bursts with vibrant colors and expressive details. Every level is a feast for the eyes, from the sun-dappled meadows to the twinkling neon cityscapes. So grab your controllers, online or offline, and get ready for some wholesome Mario mayhem!


The Verdict: Worth a Buy?

Super Mario Bros Wonder is a triumph. It takes a familiar formula and injects it with a shot of playful magic, creating an experience that’s both nostalgic and innovative.

The creative level design, engaging gameplay, and charming visuals make it a joy to play, while the Wonder Flowers add a layer of strategic depth that keeps you coming back for more.

Whether you’re a die-hard Mario fan or a casual gamer looking for a fun and wholesome adventure, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a must-play.

It’s a game that reminds you why we fell in love with platformers in the first place – the pure joy of exploration, discovery, and the simple act of leaping through a world of possibilities. So grab your cap, jump into a Wonder Flower, and prepare for a truly wondrous journey.

And don’t forget to share your own wonderful experiences in the comments below! Which Wonder Flower power-up is your favorite? What was the most mind-blowing level transformation you encountered? Let’s keep the fun flowing!


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