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What You Need to Know About Laptop Bag Sleeves


Get better protection for your laptop. Guard it against stubborn scratches and unwanted cracks. Get extra protection from water and dust. Get a laptop bag sleeve or a laptop sleeve.

One of the best reasons why it’s so good to get protection for your laptop is that it will last longer and remain useful for many more years, but sadly not a lot of us are familiar with it.

So, here’s a brief look at what laptop sleeves are, the good and the bad, and some examples of laptop sleeves available to purchase.



What is a Laptop Bag Sleeve?


main pic, laptop bag sleeve


A laptop bag sleeve is a type of laptop bag that’s designed to fit over a laptop like hands fitting a glove. It’s made of either plastic, nylon, or other material that helps to prevent dust or debris and protection from minor knocks and bumps. 

A laptop bag sleeve is usually lightweight, affordable, and can act as a protective cover before inserting it into a bigger laptop bag.

That’s one way to use it. It’s not going to protect it though from major knocks, bumps, or accidental falls, but it’s reliable to have and comes with stylish, if not interesting designs and trending colors. 

Let’s move and see the benefits and weaknesses costs of laptop bag sleeves. 



      • Prevents dust
      • Water-resistant material 
      • Useful as a secondary protective layer
      • Affordable
      • Features include handles, shoulder strap or exterior pockets


      • No protection from bumps or falls 
      • Stylish ones are more expensive
      • Extra features, not all included 



Good Quality Laptop Bag Sleeves

Here below are good examples of laptop sleeves to look out for or to try, if you consider it.


1. Targus Strata Laptop Bag Sleeve


Targus Strata Laptop Bag Sleeve


      • Fits up to 15.6-inch laptops or tablets
      • Made of polyester material
      • Smooth interior lining for safe storage
      • Comes with a zipped pocket
      • Carry using the shoulder strap or handles
      • Great durability
      • Good protection against environmental hazards 

This is a good choice of laptop bag sleeve because firstly, you can store your 15-inch laptop and plenty more storage for other mobile devices like a tablet.

Secondly, it’s made of polyester material that increases durability and offers more protection.

Thirdly, you can choose to use the handle or the shoulder strap too for portability. 

Overall, this laptop bag sleeve is one worth considering.  



2. Case Logic Black Laptop Bag Sleeve


Case Logic Black Laptop Bag Sleeve

      • Fits up to 12.1-inch laptops
      • Made of neoprene material 
      • Great durability & protection
      • Compact and easily slots into bigger bags   
      • Comes with handles & zipped pocket

If you have a smaller laptop and need an extra layer of protection, then this laptop bag sleeve is for you.

First, it is made from neoprene material that offers good durability and protection.

Secondly, it fits well into bigger laptop bags, and thirdly, it includes a handle and a zipped pocket to store your laptop. 

To sum up, it’s better used as an extra protection layer or as a stand-alone laptop bag.



3. Francine Collection Lenox Laptop Bag Sleeve


Francine Collection Lenox Laptop Bag Sleeve


      • Fits up to 13-inch laptops
      • Made of faux leather material
      • Features cross strap, closure & zipped pocket
      • Keeps laptop or tablet safe 
      • Stylish and trendy

If style and elegance are more your things, then the Lenox laptop bag sleeve is for you.

First, it fits 13-inch laptops or tablets. Second, it includes a shoulder strap with a zipped pocket. Third, it’s made of leather material to give it a stylish and elegant look. 

Nothing bad to say here except that its stock is limited. But overall, it’s a pretty-looking laptop bag sleeve, perfect for ladies.



5. Mobile Edge Alienware Vindicator Laptop Bag Sleeve


Mobile Edge Alienware Vindicator Laptop Bag Sleeve


      • Fits up to 13-inch laptops or tablets
      • Made of neoprene material
      • Comes with nylon handles and exterior pocket
      • Extra padding to keep the laptop in place and protected
      • Premium looks and elegant design

For gamers who want a laptop bag sleeve to store their gaming laptops, here’s one for you. It fits 13-inch laptops. Its made of neoprene material that offers durability and protection.

It comes with extra padding to safely secure the laptop and comes with the Alienware logo. Overall, a perfect laptop bag sleeve for gamers.   



Closing Off


Now we know what a laptop bag sleeve is, what the advantages and disadvantages are, and we have seen examples of laptop bag sleeves to purchase right if you so desire.

So getting a laptop bag is a great idea to keep your laptop safe from damages from the outside environment, but getting an extra layer of protection is better.

With that being said, it’s a good idea to get a laptop bag sleeve to keep your laptop covered and safely tucked away in a laptop bag. To find out about other types of laptop bags, click here

If you have come this far big ups to you, If you like this post share it with friends and family. Once again thank you, take care and see you next time.


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